XXXIV Congreso Nacional de Estadística e Investigación Operativa

Event: Congress

Title: Modelling big wildfires using a two-part econometric model

Type of participation: Poster communication

City: Castellón de la Plana

Location, date: 10-13 of September, 2013, Spain

Serra L., Saez M., Varga D., MateuJ., Juan P.

6º Congreso Forestal Español

Event: Congress

Title: Application of point processes models for spatiotemporal characterization of the fire regime in eastern Spain (original in Spanish)

Type of participation: Oral communication

City: Vitoria

Location, date: 10-14 of June, 2013, Spain

Aragó P., Salvador P., Juan P., Díaz-Avalos C., Serra L., Saez M., Varga D.

Spatial Statistics 2013

Event: Congress

Title: Fire spread analysis to infer big wildfires hazards

Type of participation: Poster communication

City: Columbus

Location, date: 4-7 of June, 2013, Columbus, Ohio (USA)

Serra L., Saez M., Varga D. 

VI International Workshop on spatio-temporal modelling (METMA6)

Event: Congress

Title: Log Gaussian Cox processes analysis for spatio-temporal modelling of wildfires in Catalonia

Type of participation: Poster communication

City: Guimaraes

Location, date: 12-14 of September, 2012, Guimaraes (Portugal)

Serra L., Varga D., Saez M., Juan P., Mateu J. 

The Second Workshop on Bayesian Inference for Latent Gaussian Models with Applications (LGM2012)

Event: Conference

City: Trondheim

Location, date: from 30 of May to 1 of June, 2012, Norway

Forest Fires 2012

Event: Congress

Title: Spatio-temporal modelling of wildfires in Catalonia, Spain, 1994-2008, through log Gaussian Cox processes

Type of participation: Oral communication

City: New Forest, UK

Location, date: 22-24 of May, 2012, UK

Serra L., Saez M., Varga D., Tobías A., Juan P., Mateu J. 

Workshop on Spatial Modelling with INLA

Event: Workshop

Type of participation: listener

City: Centre for Research into Ecological and Environmental Modelling (CREEM), St Andrews

Location, date: 17-19 of January of 2012, Scotland.

XIV Congress of the Spanish Society of Public Health and Health Administration SEE-SESPAS(2011)

Event: Congress

Title: Qualitative analysis of the practice of the immigrant population health.

Type of participation: Oral communication to “MESA ESPONTÁNEA SOBRE SALUT SEXUAL”.

City: Madrid

Location, date: 6-8 October, 2011

Vall-llosera, L.; Serra, M; Serra L; Saez; Saurina, C.

Spatial Statistics 2011. Mapping Global Change.

Event: Congress

Title: Spatio-temporal pattern modelling of wildfires in Spain.

Type of participation: Oral communication

City: Enschede

Location, date: 23-25 of March, 2011, Holland

Serra L; Varga D; Saez M.